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#FANEed & #FANEcc


Freely Accessible Nurse Education education

Freely Accessible Nurse Education critical care

The FANEed and FANEcc acronyms are designated to learning resources and information that can be accessed via limited bandwidth. They are also aimed at nurses (#FANE) and critical care nurses (#FANEcc) who work in Developing Health Systems, especially sub-Saharan Africa and sub-regions within SE Asia. In these regions, the internet is typically accessed by health professionals via a smartphone with limited memory / storage and a restrictive data plan.

YouTube The mobile version of YouTube only receives low-quality videos that are surprisingly easy to download in a low-bandwidth environment. You Tube is avidly used by Registered Nurses in LMIC’s to learn about physical  assessment and advanced practice. When I am doing teaching and training in resource-limited environments, I make a point of finding out which You Tube videos are being downloaded and used to develop the nurses clinical skills. My experience within Uganda and The Gambia is that Registered Nurses invariably discover legitimate sources of information, albeit the videos may contain information about equipment that is not available within the locale.

Facebook Lite An Android app, this version of Facebook is designed to work smoothly with poor data connections and low-end phones. For example the download is under 1MB and typically takes up 3 MB of space on the device. In contrast, the Android app for Facebook can take between 195-200 MB. Facebook lite has various settings that are designed to give a satisfactory experience with smartphones that have a limited amount of RAM andlow CPU power. For example, low-resolution versions of photos are downloaded. These can become higher resolution photos by tapping the low-resolution version. The basic tabs from the full version are all available.

Facebook Messenger Lite The core messaging function is integral and effective, but additional features such as Stickers are scaled down and not fully featured. The video-chat tool usually provides good quality display but uses less battery power and I have found it to work well compared to Skype (Android version).

WhatsApp This ubiquitous software works in locations with low-bandwidth. The chat and video call functions are used extensively by all health professions in countries with well-known low-bandwidth provision.

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