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Welcome to Critical Care Nursing in Resource Limited Environments


This blog / website has been created to become a resource for critical care nurses who work in resource limited environments. Initially, there will be an emphasis on critical care nursing within Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian subcontinent. It is understood that both areas have centres of excellence and advanced health technologies. However, this website is aimed at emerging centres of critical care that work in constrained conditions and yet provide Level I critical care.

High Acuity care. Post-anaesthesia care. Recovery. High Dependency Care. Intensive Care. Critical Care.

This website is dedicated to critical care nursing and how a registered nurse can consolidate and expand their ability and role within a safe, suitable and sustainable service.

Ultimately the website will incorporate the provision of critical care in remote locations; as occurs in conflict and catastrophe. These reflect the authors particular interests and professional experience.

In time, the site will be developed to combine the ethos and knowledge bases of  tropical nursing and critical care nursing in all resource-limited environments.

The website is a spin-off from a current PhD study regarding critical care nursing in resource limited environments (2017-2021). The content expresses the personal and professional opinions of various Editors and does not represent the view from any healthcare institution or University.

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