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I am a UK-based Registered Nurse, Lecturer Practitioner Educator and PhD candidate with a particular interest in critical care nursing in resource limited environments.

Critical Care can be delivered in a rudimentary manner, using available resources to save lives and support the structure of a regional hospital. Increasing, critical care services are seen as an essential development within many developing countries. They don’t have to emulate ‘expensive care units’. I hope to demonstrate¬† which aspects of critical care nursing are cost effective and realistic in a resource-variable environment.

In the mid-eighties, the technology within Intensive Care Units in UK was limited. The equipment and technology in use tended to be robust, unsophisticated and often reusable. In contrast, the current technology utilised within UK critical care units is highly sophisticated and utilises single-use items.

In the same era, the Royal Army Medical Corps was developing a medical service for a possible cold-war battlefield; where mass casualties are prioritised in order to maximise the use of limited resources. The equipment levels, resources and build of this era are a realistic aim-point for emerging critical care units in low-middle income countries. With the advantage that we can learn from the past 30-40 years of modern critical care nursing and refine local practice to provide a reasonable level of critical care.

I would like to reevaluate and renew some of the techniques and technology that have previously been used by critical care nurses, that may be applicable to resource-limited environments. Equally, I would like to highlight innovative practices that are undertaken by critical care nurses within resource limited environments.

During my career, I have been a critical care nurse, lecturer practice educator, global health lecturer and combat military technician.[Linked In]. I intend to utilise all these influences to establish the resources, knowledge base and clinical skills that are required for registered nurses that work in a critical care setting within a resource-limited environment.

I am under taking doctoral research on specific aspects of critical care nursing in resource limited environments (2017-2022).

David Muir

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